Professional Alien Fucker

he/him + they/them


I'm 22 years old, queer, autistic, disabled, furry, and very into anything monstrous and alien. I've been writing and roleplaying seriously for ten years now, and drawing ever since I could pick up a pencil. These days my muse is fickle, but I supplement that with plenty of shitposting, bouncing ideas around, and yelling in the general direction of bigots. Sometimes I also offer art commissions.


Legal matters are best forwarded to my email inbox.

Though commissions and requests may also be sent to my email, these and miscellaneous communications are best served through Discord for optimal reply speed. Just send a friend request to Bab#2105!

Alternatively, I am usually watching my inboxes elsewhere if I am actively advertising there. So please feel free to message me on other platforms if this is the case!

Find Me

At the time of writing, I am most active on Twitter and my most complete art gallery is located at Fur Affinity.

I often forget to tend my Discord server, but mostly that appears to be due to the low population there. It's mostly for hanging out and sharing art, as well as posting updates on my art and things.